3D Visualiser

3D Visualiser

Azure powers 3D VISUALISER for

Tile Warehouse

Tile Warehouse wanted their customers to be able to see how their products would look if they were in place in their own homes. Not being able to visualise tiles in an actual living space is a common barrier to the final sale.

After researching the marketplace, Tile Warehouse found that current visualiser solutions were purchased off-the-shelf and once in place proved to be clumsy and difficult to operate.

Looking for something unique

Today’s consumers generally have busy lifestyles with little time to waste, so Tile Warehouse wanted their visualiser solution to be extremely user-friendly. It was vital to find a solution that was simplistic to use with an upload process that worked every time. Their challenge was to find a company who could deliver a solution that would be unique for marketing purposes and more effective than other products on the market. It also needed to be easy to maintain and have the flexibility to grow and develop.

Acronym and Microsoft Azure to the rescue

We built a visualiser solution for Tile Warehouse as an extension of their website, which we had previously delivered. The website and visualiser solution is a hybrid combination of a locally hosted Linux server and Azure hosted web App + SQL + Linux Server + Blob storage.

Our visualiser solution works, simple; while many of our competitors’products are very buggy. “We have been able to deliver functionality that Tile Warehouse’s previous developers said was impossible such as print what you see online using a Linux-based print server hosted in Azure.” Dave Allum, General Manager, Acronym.

We use the Microsoft Azure platform to host websites as it provides 24/7 monitoring and enterprise level availability. It also enables us to host significant web-enabled business solutions using a multitude of technologies seamlessly integrated.

“Acronym created a new website design that dramatically increased the amount of visual content we display. We’ve quadrupled our website content, without slowing down load times,” reported Anna Williams.

Reaping the rewards

As a result of the 3D Visualiser, Tile Warehouse staff have saved huge amounts of time in the sales consultation process as customers are using the visualiser tool. Many customers now come into the store with a clear idea of what they want having already used the tool online.

The performance of Tile Warehouse’s website and load times has significantly improved with this solution. The fact that we can easily increase the performance of their website and the 3D Visualiser using Azure is a big plus for our customer.

As Anna commented, “Dave and the team at Acronym genuinely cared about the outcome for our business. They provided us with a website solution that was better than we could imagine. We wanted our new website to be welcoming, easy to use, and visually appealing. Acronym worked with us to improve the user experience.”


“Big shout-out to you guys and your team for going above and beyond what was (I thought) humanly possible to get the back-end sorted to upload specials without affecting the Visualiser render process. I know it meant overtime all weekend and hassle. It is hugely appreciated by us!”  Anna Williams, Marketing Manager, Tile Warehouse.


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