Cloud Based Phone Solutions (VOIP)

Cloud Based Phone Solutions (VOIP)

Cloud communication solutions provide ultimate FREEDOM to work from anywhere

Cloud Based Phone Solutions (VOIP) including Microsoft Teams Phone system

If you have high speed internet connection, then it makes sense to use Voip (voice over internet protocol) to power your communications.

Significant net savings can result from managing only one network and not needing to sustain a legacy telephone system in an increasingly digital and data driven world.

The benefits of changing to a Voip system:

Remote working & disparate teams

If you or your staff work remotely or in different offices you can utilise a Voip based phone system to appear as one centralised phone solution.

Integration with other applications.

VoIP protocols are able to integrate with other applications such as emails, web applications and instant messenger Apps like Microsoft Teams. You can adopt service integrations like  voicemail delivery via email, message transcription to text, click-to-call service on a website, or a voice call button on an email.

Whilst Acronym can assist with most Voip solutions we are also specialist in the Microsoft Teams Phone System. Microsoft Teams can be your single tool for all team communication including calls to landlines and mobiles.

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Use Voip to transform your communications

  • Remote Working
  • Click to call integration
  • Microsoft Teams enhancement
  • Cost saving