Hosted Cloud Services

Hosted Cloud Services

Take the HASSLE out of owning ICT systems

Hosted cloud services

Hosted services provide complete “anywhere, anytime” access to your company information via the internet. Hosted services help manage your IT expenses and provide greater levels of flexibility. You pay for only what you need so you can easily expand or reduce your services as required. 

Acronym can assist you with deciding which hosted services are best for your organisation, or whether hybrid solutions are more suitable. We can assist with the deployment, data migration, and setting up of hosted solutions on any combination of PC, MAC, and smartphones to ensure the transition has minimal impact on your business.


Acronym provides its own private cloud hosting services directly to clients. This gives you the benefits of cloud computing along with the peace of mind of knowing your business systems and data are managed by Acronym locally.

Our private cloud service also boasts a strong integrated offering with Microsoft Applications.


Acronym's primary public cloud offering is Microsoft Office 365, specialising in supporting Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. We also support and implement Microsoft Azure cloud-based infrastructure for application delivery, web hosting, data storage and backup solutions.

Acronym can provide you with the advice and solution for Hosted services that best suits your business environment.

  • Pay only for what you need
  • We assist with the data migration
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability