Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

We provide Technology Solutions for your MOBILE workforce

Mobile Device Management

Employee device management

With the rise of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) in the work place and their access to your business network bringing vulnerability to the integrity of the network and the potential loss of intellectual property (IP) of business data. There is a need for protocols for the management of your employee mobile devices and their security access.

We simplify life by providing you cyber security platforms with a comprehensive suite of security solutions that secure your network and more importantly your users and their data.

We help you to set protocols and put systems in place to protect against user behaviour

The largest source of data breaches for business is still 'miscellaneous errors,' including improper disposal of company information and misconfigured systems.

We help you set up user protocols and monitoring to make sure that your staff are using the correct data hygiene and accessing only what they need and have permission for.

Talk to us about getting a Risk Intelligence assessment. We identify and quantify application and OS vulnerabilities on your network. It allows you to understand what secure information is exposed and provides critical vulnerability data from your targeted devices.  We communicate data security risks in a language everyone understands including their financial impact.

Acronym can assist you to create secure mobile device protocols and minimise risk to your critical data.

  • Be aware of BYOD risk factors
  • Set data risk protocols
  • Protect against employee errors
  • Reduce network vulnerability