Hosted Graphics

Hosted Graphics

Set your remote construction

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Hosted solution to meet remote construction site graphics requirements


Engineering teams working on construction sites, whether they are in the CBD or in remote locations, need access to the same visual information stored at the head office.

Digital building site plans, high-resolution PDFs or design applications, such as costX for building information modelling (BIM) requirements, all need to be available to teams working on-site to enable real-time reviews and updates to be done.

But easy access to this information requires a powerful, Cloud-hosted solution that can handle the requirements of digital images and building graphics.
In the past, Cloud-hosted servers, couldn’t support high-end graphic demands, unless you used expensive, third-party solutions like Citrix. They were slow and clunky, making them virtually inoperable for engineering teams.

This was the problem facing NZ Strong Construction, where many users were also operating on thin clients, which don’t have the capability to process intensive graphics whether local or hosted.

NZ Strong Construction engaged with Acronym to help develop a solution capable of supporting 50-plus users.
Acronym used two load-balanced remote desktop servers (RDS), to manage the load of numerous staff accessing and using files. By configuring a high-end Nvidia graphics card compatible with the new Microsoft Server 2016 operating system, Acronym has delivered a solution that meets their requirements.

Stephen Brown Senior Quantity Surveyor at NZ Strong who mainly works at the remote construction sites concludes; “I can report  much improved computer performance since Acronym installed the new remote desk top for me. Connectivity is not a problem now and the working speed of pdf and COSTX functions is good enabling my days to be more productive.”

Dave Allum, General Manager at Acronym, notes, “We can now deliver a Windows 10-like experience from a remote desktop server, with graphical resolutions of up to 4K to provide clear crisp text on construction plans. By leveraging the features of Server 2016 and the Nvidia graphics card, we are now supporting a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) utilising 8GB of video memory for the NZ Strong Construction solution”.
“Now the remote worksites have access to all the information they need at speeds comparable to head office”.

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