Business Central

Business Central

Business Central Automates & Streamlines Business Processes for Better Business Insights

Are you outgrowing your accounting system?



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a system for small and medium-sized businesses combining a range of functionalities across operations, finance, project management and sales.

Business Central provides seamless integration across your business functions and data to provide real time insights for your business, enabling you to make quicker and better business decisions. The real time data driven dashboards can be developed internally and accessed by your team on any device.

Business Central Dashboard

Start with standard financials and then implement; CRM,  inventory, projects, service and more, or go all the way with extensive custom features and integrations to help give your business a competitive advantage.

Business Central can be customised through other Microsoft Cloud Services, such as Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and PowerApps. Business Central can be continuously adapted to the changing needs of your business so you always have the solution you need!

If you are using Xero with plugins such as Workflow Max, simPRO or GeoOp etc. and your not getting the business insights you need or its costing you too much money overall then Business Central as a single all inclusive solution is worth a look!



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central uses modular enterprise applications that support each other and work together on a single, unified platform. The flexible solution allows companies to introduce the technology and functionality they need when they need it, thereby creating better results for their business.

An intelligent platform that promotes the digital transformation


New approach to customer interaction
Many companies should change their approach to how they interact with their customers. When using data and intelligence, Dynamics 365 makes it possible to create customized marketing, sales and service experiences.

Optimising business operations
By adding intelligence and prescriptive guidelines throughout your business processes, you can improve customer service, optimise efficiency, and reduce costs.

Develop new products and services
By delving into your data and using it as a strategic asset, you get the opportunity to discover brand new market opportunities, create new and innovative products, and give your customers unique experiences.

Modern applications
Dynamics 365 Business central provides a platform with modern integrated module-based applications that work seamlessly together and can be integrated with existing systems.

Unite your data and processes
Close integration with Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, LinkedIn and other data sources provides, along with a common data model, a single view of your relations, processes and data.

Intelligent and innovative use of data
Data from various sources which is connected, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning (ML) provide insight and helps your team to stay ahead when making decisions and carry out actions for your company.


Business Central Licencing

There are 3 types of Licences. you need a minimum of one essential or one premium licence.

Essential ($105.80 per user/month) version of Business Central, you get stable business functionality across finance, supply chain management, CRM, HR and much more.

Premium ($151.20 per user/month) version of Business Central consists of all the functionality of the Essentials version, but enhances the ERP application with two additional efficient components, service management and production.

Team Member ($12.10 per user/month) license can often represent a significant proportion of users in a company. These users may need to consume data or reports from the business system, complete less demanding tasks such as time or expense imports and HR updates. Team member license includes read access and limited write access to selected and light tasks.

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