Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Acronym can help you make your financial systems COMPLIANT

EASA Software Development

Transforming Spreadsheet Tools into True Enterprise Web Applications

Many businesses still rely on Microsoft Excel to run systems and processes for their infrastructure. But if your business needs to meet auditability and compliance regulations, Excel is far from ideal.

Using the rapid software development tool EASA you can retain your Excel formulas, which become your company’s intellectual property.

Problem: With Excel, only one user can use a spreadsheet at a time. Individual users will often make copies of spreadsheets to work on them, which means changes and errors can occur without anyone realising. This makes your database unstable and can have serious implications for your business.

Solution: EASA wraps a web front-end around your Excel spreadsheets making the application multi-user.

Problem: There is also no audit trail in Excel to tell who has done what, leaving your spreadsheets open to internal fraud and errors.

Solution: EASA  provides a managed development system so that only authorised changes to the excel spreadsheets can be made.

"EASA is the only tool we were able to find that can fully address the Governance, Risk and Compliance issues of spreadsheets"

Grant Donnell, Application Landscape Manager, LEASEPLAN NEW ZEALAND

Acronym has been working with LeasePlan since 2012 to assist in the development and deployment of EASA compliance solutions. Read the full LeasePlan case study

Acronym is the New Zealand and Australian distributor for the American-based EASA software. Contact us today to see how an EASA compliance solution could benefit you

EASA Business benefits:

  • Auditable process
  • Compliance solution
  • Multi user interface
  • Rapid development