Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Get everyone into one room

Staying connected has never been more crucial. Whether you're collaborating with colleagues, negotiating with remote business or hosting virtual events, our platform brings everyone together effortlessly.

Our Video Conferencing products offer a seamless solution to bridge distances and foster meaningful interactions. The way you connect, collaborate, and communicate has changed and become significantly easier.

Welcome to a world where distance is no match for human connection.

Together with the right hardware, Microsoft Teams Room combines the familiar workspace of Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Certified Audio and Visual Devices. Partnered with Microsoft and based on “Microsoft Teams Room”, Logitech Video Conferencing Equipment provides a turn-key solution for effective room, boardroom and conference room management.

Other Platforms

Acronym IT offers a range of video conferencing solution including Google Meet and Zoom Room. While these solutions have similarities, the unique relationship between Microsoft and Logitech make the Microsoft Teams Room solution easy to plan, install and manage.

Video Conferencing MS Teams RoomMicrosoft Teams Room Technology

The Video Conferencing works on multiple levels. At the centre of it is the control software, in this case provided by Microsoft Teams Room”. The platform provides a uniform collaboration experience, connecting people across the hybrid workplace. The intuitive control centre makes the process easy to manage and oversee.

Microsoft Teams Room

Microsoft Teams Room is easy to use and intuitive, whether you are a participant or the meeting organiser. The wide selection of features deliver a consistent experience for small meeting rooms, boardrooms or large conference rooms.

  • Transform meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference rooms with a rich, collaborative Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage, regardless of the location of each participant—whether in the room or in a remote location.
  • Start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants.
  • While Microsoft Teams Room is compatible with a range of hardware platforms, Acronym has adopted Logitech as a preferred option.

Multi-Level Security

  • Microsoft Teams Room does not require additional action to secure on a Windows platform and is easily secured on both Android and IOS devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • Security is managed on all levels, hardware, virtualisation, network, account and software, giving you the peace of mind to use the product in environments that are security critical.
  • Data stored on Teams Rooms is limited to log files for support only.


One of the most difficult aspects of arranging hybrid meetings is ensuring that everyone can see, hear, and distinguish their colleagues, no matter the size of the group or the locations of its participants.

Microsoft Teams Room, planned, installed and overseen by Acronym IT can allow everyone in your organisation to be seen, heard and to fully participate from any location.

The Hardware

Partnering with Logitech to provide the hardware platform for Microsoft Teams Room, Logitech offers a wide range of hardware devices for any Teams Room design.

Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need to build out meeting rooms of any size or shape Device management has been made easy through the Microsoft Teams Admin Center or Logitech Sync.

With premium components, clever cabling or wireless solutions, and flexible mounting, Logitech room solutions make it easy to deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms throughout the workplace. 

Video Conferencing MS Teams Hardware




Microsoft’s Teams Rooms translate enables your business to communicate effectively across multiple layers and locations. Team collaboration and turnkey solutions from Logitech ensures that your breakout room, meeting room or conference room is utilised to maximum efficiency.

Acronym IT can work with you to provide the latest technology in Video Conferencing.