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Acronym Security Services

Today more than ever your business needs a robust and secure IT platform that is proactively protected with both antivirus, malware and a solid process in place for risk mitigation and recovery if the inevitable happens.

In an increasingly complex realm of data sharing across mobile, cloud and (BYOD) employee devices you need to have a clear and comprehensive cyber security profile for each medium and scenario in place for your business.

Acronym are specialist in the area of I.T system security and can help your business to implement either the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) security solutions or for the SME businesses the Microsoft 365 Business security suite.

“You need to understand what data you hold, how you are using it, and make sure that you are practising good data hygiene”

David Mount, Director, Micro Focus, London - April 2016

Firewalls and effective network security

Acronym managed enterprise grade firewalls provide optimal threat prevention and flexible network design. Our firewalls can be configured to work with any data connections including fiber and UFB. If required, we can block unwanted user access to websites that could threaten network security or monitor web usage for appropriate productivity.

We help you reduce your communication & network risk's

Email, is the lifeblood of your company, but keeping it secure, can be a surprisingly challenging problem. To do so effectively you need anti-virus and malware software, further to this Acronym recommend as a minimum for your email security Advanced Email Threat Protection (ATP) and Two Factor Authentication. For overall Office 365 protection we recommend Cloud App Security.

There has been a rapid increase from ransomware style viruses that encrypt corporate data holding the business to ransom to get their data un-encrypted costing organisation thousands of dollars and business interruption.

Recent instances of ransomware viruses mutate making them near impossible to be detected by standard Anti-Virus (AV) programs that detect only specific virus signatures.

The managed AV solution that Acronym provides monitors the network constantly for these types of attacks by using behavioural analysis to look for unusual behaviour, such as multiple data file encryption or unusual internet traffic and automatically shutting down or isolating parts of the network if an intrusion is detected limiting data loss and cost to your organisation.

With constant monitoring of network threats, automated virus scans ensuring all devices with access to your network are kept at optimal defense and with regular reporting Acronym provides you with valuable insights into your network security.

Talk to us about getting a Risk Intelligence assessment. We identify and quantify application and OS vulnerabilities on your network. It allows you to understand what secure information is exposed and provides critical vulnerability data from your targeted devices.  We communicate data security risks in a language everyone understands including their financial impact.

We are always current with our data protection and data security. I put that down to Acronym

David Bunn, Director, Cruise Holidays